Working with Housing Associations

Working with Housing Associations

As part of the Government’s housing initiative, Developers are required to provide a minimum number of dwellings referred to as affordable homes within their planning application.  Where developments are constructed within a private residential development, it is common practice for the relevant Housing Association to contribute towards the running costs of the estate and administration of the management company.

It is common practice for Housing Associations to take responsibility for the maintenance of their own buildings and in very cases, they will assume responsibility for their car parking areas.  However, generally speaking, they will opt to agree to contribute to the estate charges at the time they purchased the relevant properties from the Developer.

As part of the legal formalities and documentation at the time of purchase, Merlin Estates Ltd will automatically liaise directly with the relevant housing association for the collection of any service charge  monies due to the management company and do not recover these directly  from the tenant.

If you require more information please call the Merlin Estates Team and we will be happy to assist you.

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