Setting up Standing Order Forms

Standing order forms are available to download directly from our web site here. If you complete your downloaded standing order form using the guide below, we are able to instruct your bank to setup up automatic payments for you.  Some, if not all management companies allow you to make 10 monthly payments throughout the year. 

However, this is dependent upon agreement being received from the residential company directors for residents to pay their service charge contributions by instalments.  Should monthly instalments be permitted, all service charge payments must be received within two months of the financial year end to ensure financial stability of the management company.

Please be aware that standing orders and direct debits are different.  A standing order has a shelf life and therefore will be active for a dedicated time period. A direct debit will remain active indefinitely or until cancelled by you.

Generally standing orders sent you by Merlin Estates will have the majority of the completed for you.  All that remains is for you to sign it and present it to your bank for actioning.



To The Manager
Bank Name Please enter you bank name for example: Barclays Bank PLC
Bank Address Enter your banks postal address
Bank Account Number Enter your bank account number
Bank Sort Code Enter your sort code
Please Pay
Payee Bank Name Please enter the bank details of your management company. This is provided to you but can be obtained by contacting us.
Payee Account Name: Please enter the Management Company‚Äôs  account name. This is normally the name of the management company but again this is provided to you.
Payee Sort Code: Please enter the sort code provided
Payee Account Number Please enter the account number provided
Payment Amount This is the yearly  service charge
Frequency 10 monthly payments
Date of First Payment This is your choice for example 1st January
Reference (URN) This is your reference  number detailed on your service charge demand or statement sent to you from Merlin
Your details
Name Your name eg. John Smith
Address Please enter your correspondence address
Signature: Please sign
Print Name: Your name

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