Riser Cupboards in commual areas

The term ‘Riser ‘cupboard is used to describe cupboards located within the communal areas of block apartment buildings which contain cabling for the main services provided to the individual apartments.  For example: telephones satellite television, electricity, door entry system and water.

Riser cupboards will be located on each landing and contain all necessary cabling for each of the apartments.  However, dependent upon the design of the building, one can often discover one riser cupboard for each apartment.

In cases where gas is supplied to a building, the service entry point will be found on the exterior elevation, and not through a Riser cupboard.  For reasons of safety, it is illegal for a gas supply pipework and electrical services to be located within the same riser cupboard.

It is important that the Riser cupboards are kept locked and secure. In most developments, these are locked by using a standard FB1 or FB2 locking mechanism.  These keys are issued to the emergency services and contractors for easy access for emergency works or maintenance requirements.

Residents/Tenants are not permitted to store any personal items within the Riser cupboards located in the communal hallways. Doing so, is a contravention of both Health & Safety and Fire Regulations for the building.

If you have any questions regarding risers please contact the Merlin Estates team.

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