Residential Door Entry Systems

Residential Door Entrry Systems

The technology available for door entry systems is vast. Some systems are video enabled in order to allow you to identify the caller prior to permitting them entry into the building. However these systems are the top end of the market, and accordingly are expensive to install and maintain.  The most common type of door entry system installed by the developers today are voice intercom systems.  These consist of a buzzer and speaker system in the reception area and a telephone receiver in the property along with a door release button. 

There are wireless systems on the market but more reliable and common systems are hard wired into the fabric of the building.  Each system has its pros and cons but one thing they all have in common is that they all need to be maintained.  Merlin Estates Ltd ensures that each system is maintained by a certified engineer.   As with all hardware, on occasion systems fail and will need to be replaced.  Generally speaking, most systems are very modular, thus minimising repair and replacement costs.  It is generally known that the most common parts to fail are the telephone handsets located in the apartment and the amplifier.

If you are intending to install an intercom system, we believe that the simpler the system the better.  We would always suggest using a hard wired system rather than wireless as in our experience they are less problematic.  We have knowledge of one system utilising a mobile phone for door entry and automated gates and although in principle it is very clever in reality it has proved to be quite unreliable.

Another common fault is the failure of the door release mechanism.  This is the catch that is released when the occupier of the apartment presses the door release button to permit the caller entry.  Generally speaking, these tend to fail due to normal wear and tear.

On occasions, developer’s install door entry systems with timers.  This is referred to as trade times, allowing the timer to be set in the disabled position, permitting access into the building for the postman or other delivery services.   Some systems are fitted with special trade’s buttons that are controlled by a timer control switch. All of these systems can be fine-tuned to allow access between allotted time frames.   These systems are a little bit of a trade-off between security and day-to-day functionality.

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